About Us

                                        Brian Hofeld
                                                  President/Chief Inspector
                                                  Licensed Propeller Repairman
                                                  Level III NDE in Magnetic Particle
MT) and Liquid Penetrant (PT)

                                        Sue Hofeld
                                                  Senior Vice President

                                        Kevin Hofeld
                                                  Vice President
                                                  Director of Human Resources

                                        Shannon Smith
                                                  Office Administrator 

                                        Blaine Perkins
Blade Repair & Overhaul Specialist
                                                  Licensed Propeller Repairman
                                                  Level II NDE, MT & PT Inspector

                                        Chad Kirby
                                                  Propeller Technician

                                        Kevin Wiley
                                                  Propeller Technician
                                                  Governor Technician

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